Quilliam Family History

Quilliam Family 1916—1978

Joseph Henry Quilliam leased the farm from the Marais family in 1908
and purchased it in 1916. He, however, did not live on the farm himself.
His son Albert Edward Quilliam (28 May 1889 – 24 June 1954) moved to
the farm in 1908 after he was injured in a mining accident on the
Johannesburg Gold Fields. His injuries were so severe that recovery was
considered hopeless. However, he adapted so well to farm life that he
managed an extensive operation including a dairy and grain farming.
Albert Quilliam married Lilian Maud Kellaway, known as “Kelly” (25 July
1894 – 27 July 1985) and they had four children:

Joseph Henry (18 January 1919 – 30 January 1983)
Edwin Albert (2 June 1921 – 2 September 1990)
Lilian Maud (Thompson) (12 April 1924 – 12 July 2008)
Myrtle Agnes (Coward) (9 December 1927 – 12 February 2015).

The Quilliams made very few changes to the farm. A carport/garage was
added to the northern side of the house. Additional outbuildings were
erected including a large stone stable, a corrugated iron stable (no longer
standing) and an additional milk room next to the existing milk
room/school building. A butchery was built on the west side of Klipriviers
Drive at the top of the hill between Impala Rd and van Beek Ave: known
locally as “Butcher’s Hill”.

In 1942 the farmhouse was destroyed by fire. The thatch roof was
replaced with a corrugated iron roof and the clay floors with Oregon pine
except for the southern addition and kitchen, which were replaced with
soil and stone and concrete respectively. A bathroom was added in the
south-eastern corner as well as a small room (pantry/smoking room) in
the north-eastern corner.

The farm was sold to the Johannesburg City Council in 1947, with the
proviso that Kelly remained there for as long as she desired, which was
until 1978. In 1984 the area was proclaimed a nature reserve.

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